Professional Work

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Modeling/Texturing/Lighting/Rendering -- Doritos Inferno Your Status

Render featured on the cover of Strategy Magazine April 2013

Rendered in Vray

Modeled Warehouse Roof Steel frame and Fire Pixel frame

Shaders/Rendering in Vray - Nano Speed 4 in 1 Rally Cup Track Set Commercial

Commercial can be viewed at :

Tower of London

I was responsible for Modeling/UV Mapping the damaged version of Tower of London for the D'Artagnan Escape Sequence Shown in feature film "The Three Musketeers" (Constantin Films 2011)

Video of the work I did for The Three Musketeers can be viewed at

Another shot of the Tower of London that I Modeled and UV Mapped.

M18 Hellcat

American Tank for The Show called "The Greatest Tank Battles" on the History Channel
Modeled with Maya, Textured in Modo and Photoshop. Rendered in Vray.

Please view the demo on this link


Shading and Lighting Reel

Model and Texture Reel


Film, TV